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"The first bridal boutique created specifically for the nerdy bride."

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Lorien Bridal Boutique Is The Brainchild Of Owner And Stylist, Amanda, Who Has Been Working In The Bridal Industry Since 2015. Her Passion Started Out In Wedding Planning, But Once She Got Into The Styling World, Her Whole Perspective Changed On How She Wanted To Be Involved In Weddings.


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From Our Owner

“Styling a bride’s wedding wear is so personal that it creates an immediate sense of duty and makes a stylist feel that they have to do all they can to make that bride happy because they’ve put so much trust in you.” 

Having taken over a thousand appointments, and helped hundreds of brides find their bridal gowns, Amanda has gained an immense amount of experience over the years and yet always had one thing in the back of her mind 

“I have gotten so many brides over the years that have come to me saying that they could not find their dream gown because they felt it did not exist. In some instances, this is true! There are brides that will just end up needing a custom-made gown to make them happy. And that’s great! It will likely be a lot more expensive than some can afford, but it is an option. For those that can’t afford a custom gown, it is still difficult to find styles that are really different or exciting because so many bridal shops end up not carrying those samples due to their belief that there is a lack of interest for outside-the-box gowns. After speaking to hundreds of brides, I know that is just not true. There is an interest for feathers, for color, for flutter sleeves, and big bows! I have had a coworker that, after a bride showed me a photo of her dream gown, told me to ‘just tell her she’s not going to find that anywhere, so she should lower her expectations.’ I couldn’t believe a bridal stylist would say such a thing, and that was one of the moments that gave me the extra push I needed to be confident enough to start my own shop.” 

Lorien is the first bridal boutique created as the whimsical alternative to the normal bridal shopping experience. “This place is set up for the nerdy bride, for sure, but if you’re not planning a themed wedding, Lorien is just a gorgeous, whimsical place to find your bridal gown. I mean, we’ve got so many unique gowns, but our selection of beautiful traditional gowns is fantastic as well.” 

“I’ve had so many brides over the years come in wearing Harry Potter t-shirts, or holding Disney princess purses, or wearing an R2-D2 bow in their hair, that I felt it necessary to create a place for nerds like me to try on wedding gowns without feeling judged.

Quite the sci-fi and fantasy nerd herself, Amanda wanted to open a space that was fun and exciting and could also take you out of that same-oldbridalboutiqueoverandover type of experience. With the trees sprouting from the floors, the floral accents everywhere, the themed dressing rooms, (not to mention the TARDIS bathroom), she’s done just that.

I had a bride once that was planning a Batman themed wedding and she ordered the most gorgeous black and ivory gown which I switched the black corset strings out for red ones. It looked amazing and she was so happy, that I knew this was what I wanted to do forever. There is nothing like knowing you helped make someone feel beautiful. Absolutely nothing.”